Twitter For Mac Reportedly Will Desist Future Development [RUMOR]

The Twitter for Mac client’s future isn’t looking very great at this point. Although we haven’t received a single update for over a year, I would at the very least expect one soon.

According to MG Siegler, the Twitter for Mac client’s grave has already been dug:

Word is that Twitter made the call today: Twitter for Mac is done. They won’t kill it outright, but no further updates. Goodbye, old friend.

For awhile now Twitter has had a rumored update they’ve been ready to push out, but obviously they haven’t. All signs point towards the update being Retina Display orientated:

One more thing: had heard whispers of Retina (pretty easy to update) not sure if that made the cut before decision or not.

If they indeed decide to desist with future updates, then that means what we have now is what we will have in 2020. It’s quite a saddening choice because Twitter seems to be making changes to their API rules and stopping the creation of third party Twitter clients in full. Just during the end of August Twitter blocked Tweetbot for Mac Alpha from having in excess of 100,000 user tokens. Since then, they have tried to work out a deal with Twitter.

Sources of Twitter were able to verify that the cease of development was discussed, but a final word is yet to come out.

[via TechCrunch]