Twitter Launches New Emojis for the Upcoming Canadian Election

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau officially called a federal election earlier this week. As Canadians prep themselves to hit the polls on September 20th, Twitter has launched a new campaign full of emojis and hashtags centred on the election.

In a blog post, Twitter’s Head of Government, Public Policy and Philanthropy Michele Austin wrote Twitter has partnered with Elections Canada to launch a custom witter emoji for the election. Throughout the duration of the campaign, Twitter users can unlock new emojis by using the following hashtags:

In addition to announcing the new emojis and official hashtags, Austin revealed that the #cdnpoli has become the “undisputed champion as the most Tweeted made-in-Canada by Canadians”. Aside from #COVID19, the hashtag had the most Canadian mentions throughout 2021, between January 1st and June 30th.

As Canadian head into election season, Twitter outlined the major leaders assigned to each party. For those interested in following and keeping up with the individual party campaigns, Twitter users can find Justin Trudeau on the social media platform, with 5.6 million followers, the all-time most followed Canadian politician on Twitter. Additionally, NDP leader Jagmeet Singh and Conservative party Erin O’Toole can also be found.

Finally, Yves-François Blanchet from Bloc Québécois, Annamie Paul of Green Party of Canada, and Maxime Bernier People’s Party of Canada are also on Twitter.