Twitter Announces Partnership With Montreal’s Mila AI Research Institute

Twitter has today announced a new partnership with Montreal-based Mila, the world’s largest research institute in artificial intelligence (AI) that rallies nearly 900 researchers specializing in the field of machine learning.


This new collaboration will focus on open research engagements between students and faculty from Mila and Twitter researchers to advance ML research across academia and industry. 

The partnership will feature year-round innovation-focused open research engagements pairing students and faculty from Mila with Twitter and Twitter Cortex researchers. The collaboration will also give Twitter researchers elevated access to Mila events, facilities, and other internal resources.

“This new partnership will create exciting opportunities for our researchers to collaborate with Twitter and Twitter Cortex researchers on the development of responsible, community-driven machine learning systems,” said Stéphane Létourneau, Executive Vice-President at Mila. “We look forward to working with Twitter to advance the online public discourse.”

Twitter says the initiative will help it continue to provide its users the best possible experience and to produce world-class machine learning research.