Two Fake Apple Stores in China Shut Down by Officials

Remember those ingenious fake Apple Stores in Kunming China? Well, it appears two of them have shut down, according to Reuters. Officials ordered two out of five stores to close due to lack of official business permits, and not because of piracy concerns. However, one of the knock off Apple stores is still up and running because it is apparently applying for an Apple reseller license.

“Media should not misunderstand the situation and jump to conclusions. Some overseas media has made it appear the stores sold fake Apple products,” said Chang Puyun, spokesman of Kunming government’s business bureau.

“China has taken great steps to enforce intellectual property rights and the stores weren’t selling fake products.”

Yeah, it all sounds good but I think they need to try a bit harder. These knock off Apple stores were revealed by an American blogger BirdAbroad in an open letter to Steve Jobs.