Typo Keyboard Case for iPhone Pre-Orders Sell Out After CES Buzz

Typo Keyboard has announced their pre-order inventory for their physical iPhone keyboard case has sold out after CES helped generate substantial buzz for the product. Orders made prior to January 12 will ship out at the end of the month while new orders are slated at the end of February.

Laurence Hallier, CEO and Co-Founder and the Typo Keyboard said in a statement “We could not have predicted how well the TYPO launch has gone, it’s surpassed our most ambitious expectations.”

The Typo Keyboard is available for the iPhone 5/5S and connects via Bluetooth and the project is backed by celebrity Ryan Seacrest, said to have put in a $1 million investment. The company has been sued by BlackBerry, who alleges the keyboard is a blatant copy of their iconic keyboard.

Early reviews cited the keyboard as “extremely responsive” with “zero lag” while a review published today by Walt Mossberg over at Re/code called the Typo Keyboard a “niche” product that “could well be a great deal” despite its $99 price tag. He also concluded the case can type pretty well:

I found that the Typo does its job well. While I’m no thumb-typing Jedi, and have no problem with typing on glass, I was able to thumb-type pretty quickly and accurately on the Typo. A couple of former BlackBerry addicts I spoke with who had tried it were over the moon about it.

The Typo, despite its accuracy does cover up your Home button so it will essentially remove Touch ID from the iPhone 5S, but for those who crave a physical keyboard it sounds like it will do the job.

You can learn more about the Typo Keyboard case here. Any former BlackBerry keyboard addicts going to order one of these?