Uber Applies to Operate in Victoria and Kelowna in B.C.

Uber announced on Wednesday it has applied to BC’s Passenger Transportation Board (PTB) to operate in Victoria and Kelowna, to be made possible if a license transfer from another rideshare company is approved.

According to the ride share company, it believes the PTB should approve its application based on its track record that “remains strong”.

Uber says it has the support of the Mayors of Victoria and Kelowna to see ride sharing expand in these cities. It did not mention which company it was seeking the transfer from, but the public will find out on September 7, when the PTB will provide an update.

A company spokesperson told iPhone in Canada it has the support of the following for its expansion plans:

  • Mayor of Victoria
  • Mayor of Kelowna
  • Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD Canada)
  • Destination Greater Victoria
  • Greater Victoria Chamber of Commerce
  • BC Restaurant and Food Services Association (BCRFA)
  • BC Business Council
  • Kelowna Chamber of Commerce
  • Ending Violence Association of BC

Uber says it has been in Canada for 10 years now and is available in over 140 municipalities. While Vancouver and Whistler were approved for Uber in January 2020, British Columbia’s capital city of Victoria was never approved.

“The City of Victoria welcomes additional transportation options that help connect people and businesses to our community. Ridesharing companies provide safe, reliable, and affordable on-demand services that meet the expectations of our residents and visitors. We’ve heard from local businesses, entrepreneurs and our hospitality industry that there is an immediate demand for these services. We are also encouraged by Uber’s environmental sustainability efforts and their commitment to become a zero-emission platform by 2030,” said Lisa Helps, Mayor of Victoria, in an issued statement.

Uber says it will be updating interested customers and parties via email in Victoria and Kelowna about their latest plans. “It’s time that residents and visitors in Victoria and Kelowna have the same safe, reliable, and affordable transportation options and flexible earning opportunities that millions of other Canadians enjoy,” reads part of the email.

“On behalf of Kelowna City Council, I am pleased to provide support of the Transportation Network Service application by Uber Canada to operate outside of the Lower Mainland. Uber’s arrival in Kelowna is long overdue and we encourage the PTB to finally approve this application,” said Colin Basran, Mayor of Kelowna.

Uber’s application to expand its license areas in B.C. to Vancouver Island, the B.C. interior and the north, was denied by the PTB in December 2021.

According to Uber, they would like to get operations in Victoria and Kelowna up and running in time for the busy December holiday season, to offer safe and reliable rides.