Uber Connect Brings Affordable Same-Day Contactless Delivery Solution

Uber has just announced the launch of its new ‘Uber Connect’ service in Canada, which introduces an affordable same-day contactless delivery solution for packages, items, and other goods. Whether it’s a care package for a loved one or an item you sold online, you can send it by requesting Uber Connect through the Uber app.


Uber Canada’s General Manager Matthew Price said the new service has been designed to make it easier for people to deliver things to others and stay connected as we learn to live in the new normal during the pandemic.

“During this challenging time for Canadians we wanted to create an affordable and quick way for people to send items to each other. This feature minimises the need to travel, while helping people stay connected. We know Canadians want to help each other out and have seen a tremendous sense of community rise up in the recent weeks.”

Here’s how you can use Uber Connect in Canada:

  • Package the items in a sealed box or bag, wiping down surfaces with disinfectant. 
  • Tell your driver ‘Where to?’ in your Uber app.
  • Choose Uber Connect as the ride.
  • Follow the notifications: You’ll get notifications providing instructions on how to help ensure a smooth pickup and when your driver is arriving, just like a trip with UberX. As you see the car approach in the app, you should head outside and load your item into the car’s trunk. 
  • Share the trip status with up to 5 people in your contact list. Unless it’s a surprise gift, one of these should be the recipient so they can easily monitor the delivery’s progress. 

Uber Connect is currently available in Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Toronto, Ottawa, and Montreal.