Uber to Expand Ridesharing to All of Quebec This Fall

Uber has announced its ridesharing services will expand throughout Quebec this fall, starting in October. Currently, Uber operators in Montreal, Quebec City and Gatineau as part of pilot projects from 2016.

New Bill 17 provincial regulations in October will allow Uber to operate throughout Quebec.

“We are excited about the opportunity to provide more Quebecers with access to safe, affordable and reliable rides. Since the beginning of our pilot programs in Quebec, we have been collaborating with the ministère des Transports and will continue to work with their teams and key industry stakeholders to develop sustainable mobility solutions for everyone, in all regions,” said Jonathan Hamel, Head of Public Affairs for Uber in Quebec, in a statement.

New regulations mean Uber is opening up to taxi drivers for ridesharing, on top of traditional drivers for ridesharing.

Back in 2016, taxi drivers protested against the launch of Uber in Montreal by throwing eggs at cars and offices of the ridesharing company.