Uber Says MPI Insurance Proposal Could Keep it Out of Winnipeg

Uber says that it may not be coming to Winnipeg after all. In a written submission to the Public Utilities Board, Uber Canada said it disagrees with a proposal by Manitoba Public Insurance (MPI).

The proposal wants to have individual drivers purchase additional vehicle insurance. MPI has proposed that it would be lower than cab drivers, and would also vary depending on what time of day the driver wants to pick up passengers. Uber says that it was to be allowed to buy its own blanket commercial insurance for all drivers.

Uber Canada says that they would ensure consistent coverage and not have individual drivers, most of which drive only five to ten hours per week. In the written statement, Uber said:

“Based on the deficiencies in the MPI proposed product versus the type of insurance that is available to ridesharing companies in cities across North America, Uber will, unfortunately, be unable to consider expansion of services to Winnipeg on March 1, 2018.

Uber will find it difficult, from a risk and compliance perspective, to do business in Manitoba. We feel that this will be detrimental to the citizens of Manitoba who are seeking efficient, safe transportation.”

Uber said MPI’s proposal is different than the insurance it has in place where it operates across North America including Ontario, Quebec and Alberta.

A spokeswoman for Uber Canada said on Wednesday evening they would be making no further comment.