Uber Launches Summer Promo in Toronto, Discounts Rides by 10%

Uber has launched a new promotion in Toronto to celebrate summer, as they’ve lowered UberX prices by 10%, “so you can enjoy safe and reliable rides at our best prices to date.”

Below is a chart Uber provided to detail how their prices compare to traditional taxis in the city, for a typical ride from York Mills to the Financial District:

Screenshot 2015 06 09 10 19 53

Uber says this is a temporary price cut but “the more you ride, the more likely we can keep prices low (and wallets happy) in the long term.” In other words, Uber says lower prices means demand increases, which results in benefits for drivers as they earn more, while customers can also ride more than usual.

The company shared a video of a happy Uber driver partner Pam, from Montreal:

Last month, Uber launched UberEATS in Toronto, to allow for meal delivery to customers within 10 minutes or less. Meanwhile, the City of Toronto argued in court earlier this month Uber should be shut down, as the service is alleged to be operating illegally in the city.