UberEats ‘Instant Delivery’ Shuts Down in Toronto

Last May, UberEats launched in Toronto, allowing customers to order meals right from their iPhone and have them delivered. An ‘Instant’ option featured a limited menu selection where items could be delivered in 10 minutes or less, perfect for lunch time customers.

That feature abruptly shut down Monday, surprising many users and drivers. Uber Canada has been responding to upset customers to say “we are no longer offering Instant Delivery so we can focus on bringing you the widest selection of meals as fast as possible.”

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Despite the Instant Delivery option ending in Toronto (the service shut down earlier this year in NYC too), UberEats is still available for customers to order from a restaurant’s regular menu. The service is currently available in Toronto, Mississauga, Ottawa and Edmonton.

Earlier this year, Uber said it had delivered over 100,000 meals in Toronto alone, in just nine months of operation.