UberEATS in Toronto, Ottawa Delivering Ice Cream Right Now Until 3PM [u]

If you’re in Toronto (update: Ottawa, Montreal, Edmonton and Quebec too) and want ice cream delivered to you and your friends, #UberIceCream is going on right now until 3PM local time. You can get a cold treated delivered by UberEATS “in 10 minutes or less,” however demand will be high for this service, says the company.

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Users can opt for frozen yogurt from Yogurty’s (3 for $15), soft-serve ice cream from a truck (5 for $25) or an ice cream sandwich from Moo Milk Bar (3 for $15). Delivery is free. Let us know if you’re going to get some ice cream from Uber.

Last year, the company served ice cream in Vancouver, Calgary, Montreal and Toronto similarly in July as away to showcase how easy it is to use the Uber service.

Yesterday, Uber launched its service in Southwestern Ontario (free rides until Sunday!), the same day a class action lawsuit was launched against the company by taxi drivers in the city, seeking $400 million in damages.