Verizon’s Attack Ad on the iPhone and AT&T

In the USA right now, Verizon Wireless is on a full front assault right now on the iPhone and AT&T. They are pumping millions into a marketing campaign that is exploiting the “weaknesses” of the iPhone, but more importantly the lackluster 3G network of AT&T (oh, and also promoting the Motorola DROID).

Verizon’s Clever Attack Ad on the iPhone and AT&T: Misfit Toys

When I first saw the following commercial, I laughed! It’s definitely well produced, and highlights the embarrassing AT&T 3G network more than anything. Too bad the iPhone is caught in the crossfire. Enjoy:

This commercial got me thinking about one thing–the Bell and and Telus 3G HSPA+ network. One thing we haven’t touched on is how well the network is performing. Specifically, how is your reception when you’re underground, or in areas where Rogers/Fido would typically result in a low or dead signal.

Question: How has your iPhone performed so far on the new HSPA+ network? Let us know in the comments!