Victoria Teen Creates Homework Tracking Chatbot, Built on Facebook’s Messenger Platform

Alec Jones, a 14-year-old boy from Victoria, is getting international attention about an app that he created to keep him on track with his homework.

The app is called “Christopher Bot” and was designed to be a student’s modern day agenda and task book. The chatbot is based on Facebook Messenger’s platform and it provides the user with a summary of what needs to be done before its due.

All a user has to do is sign up and input their class schedule. The bot will then send the student a text after each class asking if any homework was assigned. Jones designed the app to act like a friend does and speak to you in the same way a friend would.

“It acts like a friend does so it always says ‘it sucks you have homework.’”

The student’s former teacher said that he was successful in building this chatbot within 6 months because he excels when he works on his own. Jones has spent a lot of time after school learning programming languages and working on his own projects.

[via CTV News]