Video of the New 1.1.3 iPhone Firmware

If you haven’t seen this already, GearLive posted a video tour of the supposedly new 1.1.3 iPhone firmware that is going ot be released soon. We don’t know how GearLive acquired this new firmware, but if it’s true, some of the new features do look quite impressive. As with all updates, this will once again relock “jailbreaked” iPhones and their 3rd party applications.

Of course, the internet community has questioned the legitimacy of this 1.1.3 firmware. So, GearLive has posted a small Q&A on their site answering questions. If this was the ‘true’ 1.1.3 firmware, one would like to think that Steve Jobs and his army of lawyers would be on the case with a ‘cease and decist’ but that hasn’t happened. Like I said before, we’ll have to be patient and wait for the real deal to be released to see if this is true or not. Let’s get on to the video tour of the leaked 1.1.3 firmware, courtesy of GearLive!

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