Waze Introduces New Global Event Partner Program

Waze has just announced the launch of a new Global Event Partner Program which is aimed at helping partners outsmart event-related traffic, and better communicate road information with the community. The company has highlighted that it has successfully supported over 50 million monthly active Wazers and more than 4,000 events globally to date, and is now providing its partners with custom access to its traffic management technology.

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In an official blog post, Waze notes that it will be kicking the program off with 20 inaugural partners spanning North America, Latin America, Eastern Europe, and Asia. “By making the program free, we’ve removed cost as a barrier for participating and are providing partners of all size and scale with our comprehensive knowledge and tools to improve their overall event experience”.

The inaugural partners of the program include E15 and its five professional sports team partners, and Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon Series’ 30 global events, including New York, Montreal, Mexico City, and Madrid. 

Here’s what the new program offer the partners, attendees, and the entire Waze community: 

  • For Partners – The Program can help extend your great experiences to include the roads and parking lots surrounding your events! Together with Waze, you can optimize traffic flow to get attendees into venues or to events more quickly, yielding happier fans and potentially greater revenue from concessions, meet-and-greets, souvenirs, and more.
  • For Attendees – Alleviate the frustration of navigating around marathon closures or getting stuck in game-day traffic. Plus, you’ll get better communication of road closures, changes, and traffic delays in real-time from partners!
  • For Wazers – Knowing partners’ road closure and traffic information helps our map and routes improve, helping you better navigate real-time conditions. 

To find out if any events are coming up in your area, visit this link.