Wealthsimple Rolling Out New Changes on Mobile and Desktop

Wealthsimple desktop

Toronto-based fintech and ‘robo advisor’ Wealthsimple has announced changes are coming to its layout on mobile and desktop.

The company says a new dashboard view will now emphasize a long-term investment goal instead of short-term, with a graph showing the timeline of your money’s growth. To go with this is a new deposit-tracking tool, placed underneath the new dashboard, showing monthly deposits.

Also new is the company’s projection graphs, which will now show “the possible range of outcomes, based on the risk level of the portfolio and how markets have performed in the past,” instead of a specific likely future value.

Wealthsimple ios

Also coming are changes to account history with graphs now showing a grey line to denote your net deposits, while shaded yellow above this line will represent portfolio gains, to make it easier to see how your portfolio is doing.

When it comes to snapshots of your portfolio performance, Wealthsimple says each of your accounts can be viewed separately, instead of just one big number representing all your accounts.

Also new is account performance shown annualized, showing annual rates of return instead of just how your account has performed since joining Wealthsimple.

The third change coming will bring more updates to earnings and returns, now occurring every 15 minutes, for more up-to-date information.

Wealthsimple offers automatic investing, supporting automatic contributions with dividend reinvesting and automatic rebalancing for low-fee exchange-traded funds (ETFs). The company supports RRSP, TFSA, Personal, RESP, RRIP, LIRA, Joint and Corporate accounts.

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