Wear the Apple Watch Right Now with This AR App [VIDEO]

A new augmented-reality app named ‘ARWatch’ allows you to put a virtual version of the Apple Watch on your wrist and play around with it, giving you a pretty good idea of how it will look on you. The app, as highlighted by FastCompany, also shows the power of augmented reality, and is a great example of how brands are overlooking some of the most exciting opportunities offered by the amazing AR technology.


The app has been developed by Belgian company Underside, and lets you print out a flat paper replica of Apple’s 38-millimeter-sized smartwatch. You simply place it on your wrist and then load up the ARWatch app to play around with your new, virtual Apple Watch. It’s almost magical!

“But while it’s an impressive proof of concept, it’s hardly what I’d consider fully featured. For one, short of tapping the screen to change the color of the wristband, you can’t interact with your Apple Watch at all. But the full potential of what this simple demo offers is apparent”.

For a better idea, check out this video and try out the ARWatch app by following these instructions.