Ontarians Will Soon Know Exactly How Much Electricity They Use Each Hour

Ontarians will soon know exactly how much electricity they use each hour, of each day, thanks to Westario Power’s upcoming ‘Empowered’ app that will offer customers access to their hourly energy usage, CTV News is reporting.

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As part of the province’s Green Button initiative, all Ontario utilities will have to offer customers access to their hourly energy usage by November 2023.

Westario Power, which manages electricity distribution for more than 15 communities in Bruce, Wellington, and Huron counties, is amongst the first utilities, following London Hydro and Essex Powerlines, to jump aboard with their upcoming app.

“The Green Button program provides, you as a customer with access, to energy usage data in a friendly format, so you can better manage your energy use,” said Jenny Alfandary, Westario Power president and CEO.

Westario’s “Empowered” app comes online this May. Alfandary is hopeful, that other Ontario utilities will adopt Westario’s Bruce County created “Empowered” app, for use in their area, instead of developing their own.

“It’s unique. It’s inclusive. There’s no language barriers, so it will help immigrants. It’s also outstanding for seniors,” says Alfandary.

Westario’s Empowered app is scheduled to launch on May 25.