What It’s Like to Have Steve Jobs as Your Neighbour

Steve Jobs recently stepped down as Apple’s CEO, and was replaced by Tim Cook. Even with Steve not at the helm, we know he’s still involved in other ways. The last time we got an intimate look at Steve Jobs was the Esquire article from 1986.

But what about an in-depth look at what it’s like to have Steve Jobs as your neighbour? How do you react to having a man of Jobs’ stature living in your area?

Lisen Stromberg, a neighbour of Jobs, describes the details in her recent article posted to the Palo Alto Patch (I retweeted her article earlier yesterday). It’s a fascinating viewpoint, and a must-read. Here’s a snippet:

…here in Palo Alto, Steve Jobs isn’t just an icon, he’s also the guy who lives down the street.

I first met Steve (does anyone call him Mr. Jobs anymore?) years ago at a backyard pool party. I was so flummoxed by the off chance I was breathing in his DNA, I could barely say a word. I am sure I made a winning first impression as I stumbled over my own name when we were introduced.

I watched as he swam in the pool with his son. He seemed like a regular guy, a good dad having fun with his kids.

At the end of the day, Steve Jobs is human like the rest of us. What would you do if Steve Jobs was your neighbour?