What Time Will Rogers Sell the iPhone 3G on July 11th?

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There’s some debate right now over a tip received that AT&T stores in the USA will be selling the iPhone 3G starting at 8am. When the first generation iPhone launched, it was available from 6pm, which I think is a very odd hour. However, that was when users were able to activate online from the comfort of their own home. This time around, things have changed!

If you think about it, the 8am launch time would be a better idea given that EACH iPhone 3G will have to be activated in store. Just imagine the logistical nightmare when you have massive throngs of people standing in line to get their paws on the latest iPhone. Some will be turned away and left feeling disappointed, lonely, and frustrated. Such emotions might trigger responses among the likes of “OMG I DIDN’T GET MY IPHONE 3G I WANT TO CRY!”

If each Rogers Wireless location employed 5 employees on the day of the launch, and each activation took 30 minutes (processing payment, new 3 year contract paperwork, activating the iPhone plus answering questions), then we’re looking at 10 iPhones being sold in an hour. Let’s say over a period of 8-10 hours you might see close to 80-100 iPhones being activated in the span of a day. Who knows how many iPhone 3G units will arrive at each Rogers store!

Preparations to Line up for an iPhone 3G

Many users are already debating where they will be lining up (is anyone going to camp out overnight?) to buy their iPhone 3G on July 11th (Rogers prices vs the World compared here). Some have even placed pre-orders, so it will be interesting to see how it all plays out. Are you getting the iPhone 3G from Rogers? If so, are you going to line up the day before to get it? How far will you go to get your hands on 3G goodness?

Here are a few tips to help those hardcore overnight campers. Don’t forget to bring: snacks, water, a fold up chair, blanket, gaming device, portable toilet, Steve Jobs/Apple tattoo, your lonely child, pants (Homer Simpson: Don’t you hate pants?), toothbrush, portable DVD player, and your wallet. Follow these tips and you’ll be lucky #1 in line in no time!

Protests again the 3 Year iPhone 3G Contract Requirement

Some people are strongly opposed to the 3 year contract requirement necessary to obtain an iPhone 3G from Rogers. I was contacted by Jude F. that he had created a Facebook group to spread the “anti-3 year contract” sentiment online. So if you’re in the same camp as Jude and oppose 3 year contracts, join his Facebook group titled: Canada iPhone Jail w/3 Year Rogers Contract and help spread the word.

Unnofficial Apple iPhone 3G Launch Countdown Timer

If you take a look at the right sidebar, you’ll notice that I’ve added an unofficial countdown timer to July 11th. Hopefully this will keep the iPhone 3G lovers over there in check when their excitement inhibits their brain’s ability to calculate time. Enjoy!

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