‘Who Targets Me’ App Developer Wants to Launch in Canada

Sam Jeffers, the developer behind “Who Targets Me”, wants to bring the app to Canada in order to shine light on political misinformation.

The app recently helped voters in Germany and the United Kingdom realize how political parties were targeted on social media. Jeffers says that he is looking to deploy the app on Canada and other countries, as they prepare for their upcoming elections. In a statement, Jeffers told The Star:

“We act as a backstop against misinformation and highly-targeted campaigns that sort of remove genuine debate from the public sphere.”

The timing of the announcement was significant given that Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg recently vowed to prove more transparency over political advertising. However, Jeffers said Facebook’s new promise is only a partial victory for transparency.

The Canadian Communications Security Establishment report warned that multiple hacktivist groups will very likely attempt to influence the democratic process during the upcoming 2019 federal election.