Survey Reveals 12 Reasons Why People Gave Up on the Apple Watch

While Apple CEO Tim Cook often cites the 97% Apple Watch user satisfaction results from web-based research firm Wristly, he may not be as impressed with the results of this week’s first formal survey of dissatisfied Apple Watch customers. Wristly, that conducts weekly surveys of Apple Watch owners, was able to assembly 340 people who bought an Apple Watch and for one reason or another, stopped wearing it (via Fortune).

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As you can see in the above chart, the top most reasons why most people stopped wearing the Apple Watch were “not enough value” and “too limited functionality”. Creative Strategies’ Ben Bajarin, who helps design Wristly’s surveys, said “the biggest theme in the critiques was about performance”. He added that many thought the Apple Watch was too slow, particularly around data retrieval and third party apps. Some people also wished to have the watch face be visible at all times and not have to charge the Watch daily.

Below are some other interesting facts highlighted by the survey:

  • Forty-five percent gave up on the Watch within two weeks.
  • Fifty-five percent gave it more than two weeks and still didn’t like it.
  • Despite their dissatisfaction, most did not return, sell or give their Watch away.
  • Fifty percent of Apple Watch Sport (the aluminum model) owners and 65% of Apple Watch (steel) owners put their device in a drawer.
  • Thirty percent still wear their Watch from time to time.
  • Forty-one percent said they were likely (31%) or very likely (10%) to buy the next version.

Have you stopped wearing the Apple Watch? If yes, why?