Will Future Apple Power Adapters Remember Your Password?

Apple is known for combining simplicity with incredible innovation and in a recent patent filing, it seems that their latest attempt revolves around data security and password recovery for computers and smartphones.

In the filing, spotted by New Scientist, Apple reports that:

“If the password is not easily and conveniently recoverable, the consumer is likely to choose either not to use a password at all or to use a trivial password. Both choices increase the threat of data loss,”

They suggest that the power adapter that users are already taking with them in their laptop bags might make the best solution. This would mean that the cable would act as a kind of physical “key” replacing the need for secret questions in the event that a user forgets their password.

The idea, of course, hinges on the reality that most computer theft is of the “smash and grab” variety meaning that thieves are more likely to grab the machine itself and leave the adapter behind.

The obvious question becomes: wouldn’t the bad guys simply start grabbing the power cables as well? Heck, it’d be even easier than having to guess what their victim’s favourite ice cream shop is! For now, Apple seems to suggest that security could be further improved by storing the data on multiple devices or peripherals like a router or a mobile phone.

What do you think? Would this move make your devices more or less secure?