Will Smith Featured in Newest Carpool Karaoke Trailer [VIDEO]

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Carpool Karaoke is set to launch on August 8th, and ahead of the debut, Apple has launched a new trailer featuring Will Smith:

Go on a star-studded, song-filled car ride in Carpool Karaoke: The Series from Apple Music. Each episode will feature celebrity pairings—from Alicia Keys and John Legend to Billy Eichner and Metallica—sharing a car, singing along to their personal playlists, and embarking on adventures.

Check it out below:

Last week, Apple aired another star-studded trailer to build hype leading up to next week’s launch.

Apple VP Eddy Cue told Reuters, “It’s about the artist and the songs that are being sung, just to get a little behind-the-scenes of their personalities and some of their thoughts.”

Cue told the publication Apple’s previous exclusive show, “Planet of the Apps,” helped draw subscribers to Apple Music.

“With ‘Planet of the Apps,’ we had to educate people about what it was … with ‘Carpool,’ most people know what it is,” explained Cue, adding “It fits very, very nicely within Apple Music.”

The Apple executive called the rising costs of producing video content “concerning,” but said an “incredible wealth of talent and opportunity” exists, as “It’s easier to create content than it has ever been.”

Apple acquired rights to James Corden’s Carpool Karaoke last July, and the new series will be available only for Apple Music subscribers.

Anyone looking forward to this?