WIND Mobile Set to Launch in Mid-November

Many people see Canadians as being held hostage when it comes to our wireless services. Bell, Telus, and Rogers have dominated the mobile landscape for the longest time. Well, these players will have to open their eyes as some competition is quickly coming their way.

WIND Mobile is Set to Launch in Mid-November

WIND Mobile will be launched by Toronto-based Globalive this mid-November. However, Globalive recently had hearings with the CRTC to prove that they are “Canadian enough” since they are funded by Egypt-based telecom Orascom. Due to Canadian laws, they must meet Canadian ownership rules to operate in Canada.


As expected, Bell, Telus, and Rogers were out in full force trying to convince the CRTC that that any changes made by Globalive to seem more “independent” of Orascom are superficial. Obviously the “Big 3” telecoms don’t want more competition so they are trying their hardest to prevent WIND Mobile from launching. What a shame.

October 23: WIND Mobile’s Judgment Day

The CRTC will make their decision on whether or not WIND Mobile will be approved to operate in Canada. This will come on October 23rd. In the following MobileSyrup interview, WIND Mobile’s Chairman, Anthony Lacavera declares that WIND is set to launch in mid-November in five launch cities: Toronto, Calgary, Edmonton, Ottawa and Vancouver:

If the CRTC declines WIND Mobile from starting up, it will just show how much influence the “Big 3” have on the CRTC in this country. We have been waiting desperately for some wireless competition in this country. The time for change has to come NOW!

Imagine Using Your iPhone on Another GSM Carrier

If WIND Mobile launches, that means we will have another GSM carrier in Canada. For people with unlocked iPhones, you will be able to break away from the Rogers’ shackles and be FREE! *edit* Using your iPhone with WIND will not be possible due to frequency differences; but it could be possible if there is some sort of GSM roaming agreement with Rogers. We’ll have to wait and see. (thanks John!)** Since their launch is only in five cities, it will be interesting to see how well their services will be. Definitely exciting news for every Canadian out there!

When WIND Mobile launches, what would it take to make you switch from either Bell, Telus, or Rogers?

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