Windows’ Enterprise Reign ‘Coming to an End’ and Mac OS X is Quickly Growing

macbook_airOver the past four years Apple has dominated the enterprise market with the iPad, with many of the Fortune 500 companies adopting the tablet in their business.

It has been a different scenario when it comes to laptops and desktops in the workplace. Microsoft has dominated the enterprise space for decades, but according to VMware this is all about to change.

VMware asked 376 IT professionals and found of that they are being asked to buy/support Macs more frequently in the enterprise. It turns out that more and more employees want Macs and not Windows machines. VMware’s Vice President of Marketing Erik Frieberg said:

“Microsoft Windows has dominated enterprise desktops for close to three decades but it appears its reign is coming to an end. As BYOPC and BYOD continue to transform the enterprise, Macs have become a popular and preferred option compared to Windows PCs.”

The new report from VMware confirms that the Mac is making significant inroads into the enterprise market. However, the study must be taken with a grain of salt because it was only done on 376 people which does not accurately represent the entire enterprise community.

Here is a chart which shows the reasons as to why companies have started to support the Mac:


According to the report, companies have been reluctant to purchase Macs because they are harder to support when IT professionals have to manage them in bulk.


The survey shows that almost all respondents expect their employees to be using more Apple products within the next three years. Currently, enterprises have been more excepting of Apple’s iPhone and iPad but over the next few years we should expect to see many more companies adopting Macs.

During the past couple of years Apple has made a push into the education market, especially with the iPad and their iBookstore.

[via MacDailyNews]