Windsor Police Distracted Driving Blitz Issues 36 Tickets in 7 Hours

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Windsor Police have announced a recent distracted driving blitz resulted in 36 tickets issued in a span of seven hours.

The Windsor Police Traffic Enforcement Branch has released data from a March 26th campaign targeting distracted driving, which ran from 11AM to 6PM in three locations throughout the city, with 11 officers taking part.

After the blitz concluded, police noted 99 tickets and written warnings were issued, and out of these actions, 36 distracted driving tickets for cellphone use were issued.

Windsor Police said in a statement, “in Ontario, deaths from collisions caused by distracted driving have doubled since 2000.”

Distracted Driving laws in Ontario prevent drivers from using their hand-held communications devices while driving, even at red lights.

“Make it a habit to use your cell phone only when lawfully parked,” said Windsor Police, adding “put down the phone, lives depend on it and it’s the law.”

The first conviction for a distracted driving ticket in Ontario results in a fine of $615 ($1,000 if you fight the ticket in court and lose), three demerit points and a 3-day license suspension, as part of new legislation that went into effect on Januar 1, 2019.