Winnipeg Police Reminds Residents About Consequences of Distracted Driving

To marking April as the official Distracted Driving Month, Winnipeg police are reminding residents about the consequences of speeding and distracted driving. According to Global News, roughly 30 people die in collisions involving distracted driving in Manitoba every year.


Under Manitoba’s distracted driving laws, it is illegal to use any hand-held device for any reason while on the roadway, including calling, texting, emailing, scrolling playlists, checking notifications, and even adjusting a GPS.

Police are reminding the residents that distracted driving also includes operating a cell phone or hand-held device while stopped in traffic and multiple touches on a mounted cellphone or handheld device while driving.

Anyone caught driving while distracted will receive a three-day licence suspension for the first offence and a seven-day suspension for the second offence. Those convicted will also face a $672 fine and five demerits on their licence.

Police are also offering safety tips to Winnipeg drivers, including the use of auto-response features on their phones when they are behind the wheel.