WordPress.com Undergoes Major Redesign, Goes Open Source and Gets a Mac OS X App


Over 25 percent of the web is powered by WordPress. Today, the company unveiled a new look for WordPress.com, but also a desktop app for easier site maintenance.

It has taken the company a long time to create a desktop app, and it becomes even more surprising when you consider that the mobile apps have been available for a while. The company has started by releasing a desktop app for it’s Mac users, and WordPress said that both Linux and Windows versions are on the way.

The JetPack plugin has been updated so that it can be used to administer WordPress.com sites as well as self-hosted blogs. The website and app can now update plugins, perform site backups, and more.


WordPress has also made its code open source, and it can be found on GitHub.

If you’re interested in getting started with WordPress for Mac, head over to the download page to grab a copy. You can also sign up to be notified when the Windows and Linux versions are released.