China’s ‘Gadget Guy’ Releases The World’s First Apple Watch Unboxing [VIDEO]

It appears as though yesterday’s leaked Apple Watch packaging was legitimate, as earlier this morning the Apple Watch review embargo lifted, and Hong Kong-based ‘Gadget Guy’ released the world’s first Apple Watch unboxing video.

In typical Apple fashion, the packaging is just as gorgeous as the device inside of it. The video showcases a multi-layered box (a second square with rounded corners inside Apple’s traditional high-quality white cardboard), which opens to reveal the new wearable with your band of choice already connected. It definitely looks like jewelry packaging, and it certainly makes me wonder if we’ll see the same box for the lower-end Apple Watch Sport.

French journalist Florence Santrot has also released an unboxing video, and it’s pretty clear from both perspectives that it’s going to be tough to settle for the Apple Watch Sport come Friday morning.

Are you planning to pre-order an Apple Watch on Friday, or do you plan to check it out in store first? Which model are you leaning towards? I’ll be (ideally) ordering the 38mm Apple Watch Sport in Silver, but I’ll probably change my mind a dozen more times before Friday rolls around.