Xbox Series S Officially Confirmed, Will Launch at $299 USD

Microsoft has confirmed the design and price point of its Xbox Series S console. Late Monday night, the design of the Xbox Series S, Microsoft’s long-rumoured entry-level next-gen console, leaked with an estimated price point. Microsoft quickly followed up with a confirmation.

Xbox took to Twitter early this morning to tweet the confirmation of the Xbox Series S design and price point. “Let’s make it official,” the tweet said. The tweet continued to note that the Xbox Series S will launch at $299 USD (ERP). The company also promised it will be sharing more information “soon”.

Earlier, on Monday night, Thurrot‘s Brad Sams leaked an image of the Xbox Series S. The image was a similar showing of the Xbox Series S design, a smaller console with a large black circular air vent on the top.

Sams’ report also noted that the Xbox Series S does not have a disk drive. This was later confirmed in the official image from Microsoft, which showed a better look at the front of the console. The report also estimated the $299 USD pricing, which was confirmed as well by Microsoft.

The Xbox Series S has been heavily rumoured to exist for many months. Under the codename Lockhart, the Xbox Series S was rumoured to be optioned as an entry-level console in comparison to the Xbox Series X. While the Xbox Series X has a custom AMD Zen 2 CPU, 1TB NVMe SSD, 16GB GDDR6 memory, 12 teraflop RDNA 2 GPU, the word is still out on the power the Xbox Series S holds.

On the flip side, we’re still awaiting confirmation on the Xbox Series X pricing. With Microsoft promising more info soon, one has to wonder if that will include the price point of the premium console.Β Windows Central reported that the Xbox Series X will launch at $499 USD.

Microsoft has previously announced that the Xbox Series X will launch in November. It’s probably safe to say that both the Series X and Series S will release at the same time.