Yahoo to Delete Inactive IDs, Give Users Chance to Reserve Freed Up Names

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If you’re a Yahoo user, the company has made a turnaround and ramped up its iOS offerings, such as its recent beautiful weather appoffering 1 terabyte of free storage for Flickr users and today’s Yahoo Sports iOS update. The company announced yesterday it will be deleting old, inactive Yahoo IDs that have not been used for 12 months.

In mid-July, users will be able to have their shot at reserving a username they have always wanted if available. Later on in mid-August, those who tried to make claims on IDs will be notified which ones they have received. So instead of having an email such as, you’ll be able to try for something shorter.

Yahoo notes users who want to keep their inactive ID just need to login to any product before July 15th. There are lots of existing Yahoo users out there, so if you’ve been wanting to change your ID, this is your chance. Anyone interested in changing their Yahoo username?