Yahoo Reportedly Working On A Siri Competitor [Video] [u]


Apple’s Siri and Google Now are the two most prominent personal assistants on smartphones today. Android Police reports, Yahoo is working on its own voice-based personal assistant to compete with Siri and Google Now.

A leaked video shows the voice assistant running as an app over an Android smartphone, much like Facebook’s Chat Heads. It is unclear where the video originated, though it may have been developed for internal use.

The unreleased app allows complete hands-free control for tasks like sending text messages or viewing driving directions. Yahoo has denied to comment about the video. If you are looking for an alternative to Siri or Google Now, Yahoo may be working on something to fit your needs.

Update: Sources, close to The Verge, have confirmed that Yahoo did not create this application. It was developed by a third party company. It is still possible that Yahoo is working on some form of a personal assistant.