Yahoo Announces IRC-Inspired ‘Together’ Messaging App for Friends and Family

Yahoo‘s new messaging app, Together, is designed to simplify group communication between friends, family, and colleagues.

The internet services company today announced the launch of Yahoo Together, a brand-new messaging service designed to organize group messages between family and friends using smart features.

The new messaging client will allow users to categorize group chats according to various interests and topics, similar to IRC. There’s also an option to prioritize notifications from discussions you’re more interested in and mute the others you deem to be less important.

“In many apps, you have a set of people, and then a single thread,” explains Michael Albers, Oath VP and Head of Communications Products. “What’s unique to Yahoo Together is that it allows you to create long-running groups, but create an infinite amount of separate topics to organize conversations, and where helpful, limit access to some of those topics to a subset of the group.”

Like other group messaging apps, users can share photos, GIFs, links, reactions, and so on with other participants, search existing conversations to find what you need, and mute notifications when you don’t want to be bothered. Together also has a handy Smart Reminders feature to send reminders to the entire group at a scheduled time.

Additionally, Together functions as a kind of file-sharing platform for members of the chat group, allowing users to attach any file into a shared library. Said library features a search function, making it easier to find what you’re looking for.

“Our focus is to create the best product for our audiences and the opportunity with consumer productivity in a group messaging context,” says Albers. “We believe this is where this app sets us apart from others in the space, by focusing on the consumer needs to engage with their communities.”

You can download Yahoo Together now for iOS devices from the Apple App Store and Android devices from the Google Play Store.