Your iPhone Homescreen Screenshots!

There are more and more Canadians out there owning iPhones, it’s only going to increase! The other day I asked you, my loyal readers out there to email me your homescreen screenshots (sorry to the 1.1.3 people out there! let’s hope for an update to ScreenShot!).

Well, in about a day and half I have received lots of emails from those who managed to email me. Here is a gallery of the screenshots in no particular order–this ought to show all your soon-to-be iPhone owners what’s capable when you install 3rd party apps like SummerBoard and Customize!

Bruce K. sent me two screenshots:

brucek.jpg brucek2.jpg

From left to right: Gabe N., Jordan M. (representing T-DOT!), and Lars H…

gaben.jpg jordanm.jpg larsh.jpg 

…here we have screenshots from Tim A., Veasna, and Simcoe PC Repair:

tima.jpg veasna.jpg simcoepcrepair.jpg

Thanks to everyone who took the time to email me your screenshots. There are some pretty funky homescreens out there. Looks like I’m not alone when it comes to keeping it plain and simple! 🙂

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