Your Rogers’ Internet Fees Can Increase Even Though You’ve Signed a Contract

According to a new report from The Star, your Rogers’ Internet fees can increase even if you’ve signed a contract.

If you read the contract you will realize that you are only bounded by the amount of discount given to you when you sign up. In other words, if the regular monthly price of the plan changes, your discount will be applied to the new price which could cause an increase in the price you pay.

Colin Perkel, a journalist with The Canadian Press, took to Twitter after he found out that his rate would be going up by 16 percent shortly after he signed a contract. He asked:

“How is it that you can negotiate a one-year term total price with Rogers that they unilaterally increase two months in?”

Rogers told him that the $89.99 monthly price was subject to rate increases and only his $39.95 monthly savings was guaranteed for a year. Perkel called this absurd, saying:

“Rogers is arguing that the consumer didn’t contract for a fixed price, but for a fixed discount on a variable price.”

Rogers is not the only carrier in Canada that employs these rules. Other Canadian carriers also guarantee only the monthly promotional savings rate, not the monthly plan rate.

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