YouTube Originals Will Be Free to Watch Starting September 24

The countdown to (mostly) free access to YouTube Originals is on.

Months after confirming that its Originals programming would soon be free with advertisements, YouTube has finally announced content released after September 24 will be available to non-YouTube Premium subscribers as well, reads a new report from Engadget.

Content released before this cut off will still be behind the paywall, but it’s still wonderful news to non-subscribers who can look forward to a slew of quality Originals, such as the third season of highly acclaimed series Cobra Kai.

“Some YouTube Original series, movies, and live events are available for viewing without a YouTube Premium subscription. However, you will see ads during this viewing experience and only select episodes may be available for streaming at any time,” YouTube said in a blog post.

YouTube Premium subscribers will still enjoy a more comprehensive and seamless viewing experience with no ads, downloadable content, and exclusive bonuses, such as director’s cuts and extra scenes. Premium members will also get access to episodes as soon as they premiere, while regular YouTube users will have to wait for a later release.

YouTube Premium subscribers will also be able to download YouTube Originals for offline viewing and have access to bonus content like director’s cuts and extra scenes.

YouTube has also added a number of new features for Premium subscribers, including a “Recommended Downloads” section in the app’s Library tab, making it easier for users to find new, relevant, and interesting content. It’s also now possible to switch between a song and its music video with a single click.

YouTube Premium costs $11.99 CAD per month ($17.99 for a family plan) and isn’t bound by contracts or other restrictions. It also includes access to YouTube Music Premium and Google Play Music at no extra cost.