Google’s New ‘Family Group’ Lets Your Share YouTube TV, Photos, Calendar and More

Family group

Google has just introduced a new ‘Family Group’ feature that lets you share calendars, photos, notes, and content subscriptions with your family. While it has been possible to share music and other entertainment with the Google Play Music family plan and Google Play Family Library, the new Group allows you to share YouTube TV, Google Calendar, Keep and Photos with your family as well.

Popcorn. Snuggles. Sniffles. Families share a lot of stuff—and now we’re making it even easier to share and stay connected with each other by giving you more to do with your family group on Google.

Whether it’s a new TV show on your DVR, the soccer practice schedule, this week’s to-do list, or family photos from over the weekend, families can now do more with YouTube TV, Google Calendar, Keep and Photos.

You can now share your YouTube TV subscription with up to six household members, with each getting their own cloud DVR that never runs out of storage space, all for $35 a month. Similarly, a shared Google Calendar will make it easy for your whole family to keep track of group activities like picnics, movie nights and reunions, all in one place. 

Users can capture and share ideas with features like reminders, shared lists, and notes in Google Keep that help your whole family stay in the loop. And with shared Google Photos, you can send photos and videos to your family group in a few taps, whether you’re on a weekend adventure or spending the afternoon at home.

Family offerings for Google Calendar, Google Keep, and Google Photos will begin rolling out today. To get started with, create a family group with up to six members of your household by clicking here.