Exclusive Koogeek HomeKit Sale: Save $40 with These Promo Codes

Haven’t made the plunge yet for your first HomeKit product? Check out the exclusive sale on Koogeek’s HomeKit lineup (more…)

Next-Gen AirPods Case May Double as Wireless Charging Dock for iPhone & Apple Watch

The next-generation AirPods case might double as a wireless charging dock for iPhone and Apple Watch.


iPhone 7 Plus Goes Head-to-Head With Galaxy S8 in Camera Comparison Test [VIDEO]

A head-to-head camera comparison between Apple’s iPhone 7 Plus and Samsung’s newly announced Galaxy S8.


Apple’s Free iOS App of the Week: Toca Life School

Toca Life: School by Toca Boca AB is Apple’s free iOS app of the week.


Facebook’s Virtual Assistant ‘M’ is Finally Available for Messenger

Facebook started rolling out its AI assistant for Messenger called ‘M’.


Apple Classroom 2.0 Teacher Guide Download Out for Latest iPad Update

Apple Classroom 2.0 for iPad was recently released for educators.


Jay Z Removes All Albums from Apple Music, Spotify and More

‘Hova’ has removed all of this albums from Apple Music.


Apple Strikes a Deal with NBC for Upcoming ‘SNL’ Ad Spot

SNL will create commercial content for the iPhone maker that will air during commercial breaks on the show.


NVIDIA to Release macOS Drivers for Pascal Architecture GPUs

The news comes despite the fact that Apple hasn’t sold a Mac Pro with PCIe video card support in almost half a decade.


Apple’s 5.8-Inch ‘iPhone 8’ Delayed Past September: Analyst

Premium version of iPhone 8 allegedly delayed due to technical challenges.


11-Year Old Racks Up $7,500 Bill for In-App Purchases, Apple Agrees to Refund

The boy spent almost £6,000 (US $7,500) playing online games over two weekends.


Facebook Launches Educational Campaign Against Fake News

The social network will be providing tips to its users on how to tell when a news story is fake.


CRA Orders Square to Hand Over Data of Users with Annual Sales Above $20,000

CRA orders Square Canada to hand over data of users with annual sales above $20,000.