2009 Best App Ever Awards Announced

Looking for the best iPhone apps? Look no further than the 2009 Best App Ever Awards. These awards are the brainchild of 148apps.com, which started the Best App Ever awards last year.

Users got to vote for their favourite apps, along with an App Committee. The result is some of the most popular apps, including some gems that you might not have heard about. These are some of the best apps, not just based on sales.

Here is the list of the top iPhone apps in a sampling of categories:

Best App Ever
Most Innovative App
Most Useful App
Best Productivity Enhancer
Best Productivity Killer
Best Use of Bluetooth
Most Creative Use of iPhone Hardware
Best Use of Location Services
Best Visual Design
Best Educational App

Some of my favourite apps include: SimplyTweet, IM+, ScoreMobile, Dragon Dictation, GolfCard, WhatsApp, and Skype.

What are some of your “best ever” apps?

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