App Review: 18000 Cool Jokes for iPhone

As some of you may remember, I was looking at Jokes applications on the App Store in the beginning of June. The application I reviewed at that time included what I thought was a staggering 500 jokes, that is until I came across a new jokes application with 18,000 jokes (which is also the name of the application)! 18,000! The number is overwhelming just thinking about it!

18,000 Cool Jokes by Cramzy

18,000 Cool Jokes‘, as the name indicates, has 18,000 jokes included in the app within 48 different categories. I like to see categories in an app like this because without it, it would be extremely difficult to navigate through the amount of included jokes.

The categories are listed in alphabetical order in a grid format and you simply swipe your finger left or right across the screen to navigate between pages. Not all 48 categories can fit on one single page, so you have about 4 pages worth of categories. The joke categories cover virtually everything; animal jokes, computer jokes, dirty jokes, the list goes on!

18,000 Cool Jokes also includes some helpful navigation features. Within the settings app on your iPhone, you can toggle on/off numerous settings for the app. You may toggle a setting for using the accelerometer and you can toggle whether you want short jokes, medium jokes, or long jokes to be shown or not. Having the ability to toggle the length of jokes is very helpful when you remember the application includes 18,000 jokes. Depending on your preference, you may just want some quick one-liners, in which case you can select for only short jokes to be visible within the app.

Along the bottom navigation area, the app includes a joke button, a categories button, and favorites button. The favorites area allows you to store jokes that you select from the rest of the jokes available. It is a great method of jumping quickly to jokes that you really like and each stored joke can be replaced with ease. If you do not want to save any jokes, you can also browse the entire joke library by looking at each joke one at a time or using the apps Shake Detection feature to view random jokes. Just lightly shaking your iPhone will produce a new random joke every time!

18,000 Cool Jokes also does not require any internet connection, which is a huge bonus to those that do not have a data plan or maybe are not in a wireless internet area. All 18,000 jokes are stored locally on the device and allow for quick and easy access. The only feature that does require an internet connection is if you want to send a joke to a someone. That is done via e-mail and will require an active internet connection.

As an early heads-up, 18,000 Cool Jokes has an update coming soon that will include a new feature called Joke Genie. This involves a rating system that allows you to rate jokes using a thumbs up/down interface. The neat function behind the rating system is once you begin to rate several jokes, the app starts showing you the jokes that other users of the app similarly rated. So what ends up happening, is you see more of the types of jokes that you like, and less of the ones you do not like.

Overall, 18,000 Cool Jokes provides a great user interface that is clean and easy to use. With colorful graphics, great navigation features, and a library with 18,000 jokes, the app is sure to bring laughs all around. 18,000 Cool Jokes gets a solid 4.5/5.

You can check out 18,000 Cool Jokes in the iTunes App Store for $0.99!