BC Liquor Locator App for iPhone

Here’s an iPhone app for our local British Columbia residents!

BC Liquor Locator by Matt Vague Designs

BC Liquor Locator, as the name implies, helps users locate the nearest BC Liquor Store to them. Keep in mind however that the app does not find all liquor stores in the area. Instead, the app searches for official BC Liquor store locations.

The app uses the current location of the iPhone to locate all of the nearby BC Liquor stores. Once located, the app organizes the stores by proximity. While Google Maps on the iPhone can do this as well, this specific app is a far more efficient tool to use if you are looking for just the BCL stores.

To search for a BCL store, users can view the map with pins representing locations or browse by city to see all of the BCL locations in a specific city. The really nice thing about the app is that it has every single, or at least almost every single, BCL store with up to date hours for each location.

If you have ever tried browsing the BCL website on your iPhone, you will know how non-iPhone friendly that site is. However, browsing the official site does give users access to product searches, which is something this app does not support.

Overall, the app provides a clean layout and allows users to quickly find their local or city-wide BCL store.

BC Liquor Locator is available in the App Store for $0.99.