Ex-Googlers Launch a Recommendation Engine Called Stamped

Stamped is a new social network that allows you to recommend things that you like to your friends. The premise is simple: you “stamp” things that you like and recommend. There aren’t different types of stamps. There’s no 0-5 rating system. If you like something you simply ‘stamp’ it.

What kind of things can you stamp? All sorts of things: restaurants, places, books, movies, music.

Initially, you only get a limited number of stamps to use, but can earn more by posting stamps or when your friends like your recommendations. The limited number of stamps seems to be in place to encourage the network to grow.

The app is backed by Google Ventures and developed by former Googlers Robby Stein and Kevin Palms. In a blog post the founders of Stamped write:

The problem we’re trying to solve is noise. Specifically, there’s too much of it today when you try to discover something new online, whether it be a restaurant, book, movie, or song. What does 3 stars from 70 strangers mean? Is that good or bad? Can I trust this person’s opinion? Who is he/she? If you’ve ever asked these questions, you’ve experienced the weaknesses of current review and rating sites.

Stamped is currently available in the App Store for free. An Android version is in development and should hit the Android Market fairly soon.