Find Out About Today With “On This Day…”


I’ve always found applications that give you quick fun information to be, well, fun to have and play around with. I spent a good chunk of time Wolfram Alpha when I first discovered it and I’m now doing the same with “On This Day…”.

With this application you can find other important events, births, and deaths that have happened on the day of your choice. Searching for a date is as simple as flipping through a gorgeous iCal-esque calendar and tapping the day. Shown in list view are the events in history and their corresponding year.


Every name and event that has a Wikipedia page is linked for one click access to extra information about the event or person. This greatly helped me figure out that the Union of Lublin replaced a personal union with an elective monarchy on my birthday of July 1st. Now while that isn’t really the most useful information for the average person, it is cool to know that I was born on the same day of the year as Pamela Anderson.

There isn’t much to say about this app, but for information junkies, it can feed the addiction to useless information. For that, and it’s free price tag, I give this app the stamp of approval and say go out and get it. Who knows? Maybe you were born on the same day as Ryan Renolds or Pierre Trudeau. Or maybe you weren’t. Either way, give it a gander!

Click here to download “On This Day…”

Any interesting events happen on your birthday? Let me know below!