Game Review: Double Maze for iPhone

Puzzle games for iPhone are a lot of fun, especially when you successfully solve it, but have you ever tried solving two puzzles at the same time? The iPhone game Double Maze puts your brain and patience to the test with a dual puzzle challenge.

Double Maze by Bouncing Ball LTD

Double Maze is the most difficult puzzle game I have ever played for the iPhone and I love it! Two things result from this game. One, you solve the puzzle or two, you lose your mind in a fit of anger and confusion, but then you keep trying to solve the puzzle anyway!

Double Maze is a puzzle game that has two puzzles per stage. The objective for each stage is to move both orange balls to the white targets. Whether you have them arrive at the target at the same time or one after another, as long as both are on the target, you win.

To navigate the orange balls around the stage, you can tilt your iPhone or swipe with your finger. This can be toggled in the app settings, but I found the swipe to be far more accurate and easier to use.

Double Maze includes 40 stages, each with different backgrounds and varying levels of difficulty. You also do not need to do the stages in order, as you can skip through stages and complete them at your own pace and choosing. Once you do complete a stage however, a small visual badge is attached to the completed stage.

The Double Maze stages sound like they are easy to accomplish, but they are not. These stages will drill your brain for a while! The game comes with good visuals, great background music, and an easy control scheme, but the game objective can become repetitive after a while. If you enjoy a good challenge and are a creative problem solver, Double Maze is for you.

Double Maze is scored a 4.5 out of 5.

Double Maze is available in the iTunes App Store for $1.99.

You can also check out Double Maze Lite which has only 6 stages, instead of 40 as in the full version.