Game Review: World’s Hardest Game

I have a few minutes left in me to write up my experiences with a game I have been playing called the World’s Hardest Game. The reason I have only a few minutes is because this game is impossibly difficult and frustrating!

The World’s Hardest Game from has done it again. They have taken one of their most addicting and truly difficult games and made it work perfectly on the iPhone.

Features 1.5/2

WHG (World’s Hardest Game) is such a simple and plain looking game that your first impression is that it will be easy. Oh how wrong that impression would be.

The game features very simple yet extremely difficult game stages to complete. These levels are unbelievably frustrating to complete and so satisfying once they actually get done. Each level offers something new and after you accumulate about 20 deaths, you’re ready to toss your iPhone but oddly enough, the game draws you in so well that you continue the self-torture.

The objective of each level is to simply avoid collision with the blue dots (the dots in the images below are moving vertically). You may be wondering why that is so hard but I urge you to download it and find out for yourself. The movement of the balls and the seemingly impossible levels makes WHG truly live up to its name. However with enough time and deaths, you can eventually beat the levels but that is highly unlikely.

WHG features 30 levels and three difficulty types; yes, you can make the game even harder and doing so means you are crazy. The three types of difficulty are Hard, Harder, and Impossible. Doesn’t inspire a lot of confidence, does it?

Controls & Navigation 2/2

WHG is all about keeping your red square away from the blue dots. This is done with a choice of two different control schemes; tilt based or touch based.

Touch based allows the player to tap and hold onto the red square and move it anywhere on the screen. While some may prefer this method, your finger blocks the red square entirely and makes it harder to see.

Tilt based allows the player to tilt the iPhone and make use of the accelerometer to move the red square. There are also adjustments for tilt sensitivity to find the perfect balance of movement. I preferred tilt over touch.

Overall, both controls are fairly intuitive and work well, but one will definitely work better for the player over the other.

As is common with games from, WHG requires minimal menu navigation since the game is simple and easy to pick up, which is always appreciated.

Sounds & Visuals 1/1

The visuals are simple 2D that normally I wouldn’t like but they go so well with the game. It’s odd to say it, but the visuals are almost insulting to the player in that they are so simple that the game would seem easy to beat but that is completely incorrect.

The sounds in the game are also equally insulting, as every time you die, you are rewarded with this “face punch” sound that just makes you feel beaten. Even though I say the sounds and visuals psychologically play against you, it works well with the game and is a lot of fun.

World’s Hardest Game is scored a 4.5 out of 5.

World’s Hardest Game is available on the iTunes App Store for $0.99.