GetGlue Now Includes CBC Hockey Night in Canada Stickers for Checking In


GetGlue is the social network equivalent of Foursquare, but for TV shows, movies, and music. Essentially it becomes a powerful tool to share what sort of entertainment you are consuming with your friends, and to find out what’s hot.

When you check in to certain services, you’ll also earn stickers which are mailed to you. For Canadians, CBC’s Hockey Night in Canada has joined in on the fun, as they now have exclusive stickers for checking into hockey games (even stickers of Ron MacLean and Don Cherry!). This started during Game 7 of the Montreal versus Boston series (sorry Habs fans!).

If you’re an existing GetGlue junkie, then you’ll probably enjoy getting some cool hockey-themed stickers coming your way.

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GetGlue is free. Click here to check it out.