ICBC Licensing Mobile Practice Knowledge Test iPhone App Now Live


The ICBC mobile practice knowledge test we previewed last week is now available for download. This is the must-have app for any new driver looking to take full advantage of their iPhone (and iPad/iPod touch) as a way to practice for the Learner’s Licence test.

It’s crazy how people are only required to take the test once to acquire their learner’s, then never again. We should all be refreshing our memories regarding the rules of the road.

I tested out the app and it works exactly as described. I even took the time to quickly test myself, and I scored 68%–a #failing mark. The pass rate is 80%. I just shredded my driver’s licence (looks like it’s back to rollerblades again). I blame my failure on not reading the questions thoroughly…*cough*

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Can you score better? Download the ICBC app (or take the test online here) and tell me your results!

Click here to download–it’s free.