Just Mobile AluRack Shelf, AluBase MacBook Stand [Review + Contest]

If you’re trying to simplify your desk setup and declutter, the following accessories from Just Mobile are worth considering. The company sent us the AluRack and AluBase to check out. Let’s take a look at how they fared in our hands-on review of both units.

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Just Mobile AluRack – Hide your MacBook or Hard Drive from Plain View

For those that use a MacBook with an Apple monitor, the AluRack is just plain ingenious. We use an Apple Thunderbolt display with our MacBook Air, which is the perfect combo when it comes to a desktop setup and having the freedom of taking your work with you.

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The AluRack consists of a two-piece screw-on design, part high-grade aluminum and soft plastic. It screws into the hole at the rear of your Apple monitor resides and has a small shelf which perfectly fits your MacBook or a hard drive.

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Installing the AluRack is fast and very easy—you just screw it on. The longest part of the install is re-routing your monitor’s power cable. Once setup, your desk frees up from having your MacBook in plain view to hidden in the back:

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Here’s your new clean view:

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If you have an iMac, the AluRack can hide away a hard drive that would normally sit on your desk. It’s a clever idea that can really clear up your desk.

At $49.95 (and $25 DHL shipping to Canada; Just Mobile ships from Taiwan but has worldwide offices in San Mateo, California and Germany), the AluRack is not exactly cheap. But for those looking to shell out for the sake of creating a simple and clutter free desk, it’s definitely worth considering.

Just Mobile AluBase—Rest Your MacBook in a Classy Way

Another accessory that can declutter your desk is the AluBase. For those that hook their lid-closed MacBooks up to a monitor, having your computer laying flat on your desk can take up space.

But the AluBase acts as a vertical stand for your MacBook Pro (and Retina model) and MacBook Air to make it really stand out on your desk. It’s quite hefty and feels much heavier than it looks to keep your MacBook upright.

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The design of the AluBase is simple and elegant looking, made of aluminum and a soft plastic insert. It comes with two inserts to accommodate your model of MacBook and they can be installed or removed via two flathead screws on the bottom for a tight and secure fit. It’s actually heavier than it looks, to safely support your MacBook and padding on the bottom ensures it stays on your desk.

The benefit of the AluRack is it will still allow you to keep your MacBook’s ports easily accessible when it’s sitting vertically, such as your SD card slot, whereas the AluBase will require you to reach around the back of your monitor.

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Another advantage of the AluBase over the AluRack is that it allows you to access your MacBook easier especially when you’re unplugging to take your computer on the road.

The AluBase looks pretty awesome on a desk, empty or when it’s holding your MacBook. People will notice this accessory right away as it’s pretty slick.

But again, the AluBase comes at a price—$49 (with $25 DHL shipping to Canada—from Taiwan). You could probably save on shipping if you order a few items but still, it’s definitely a mid to high end accessory. Is it worth it? Well, a clutter free desk might keep you more focused on work and lead to increased productivity. That’s up to you to decide, but we think these are great accessories, despite the price.

Contest: Enter to Win Your Own AluBase!

Just Mobile wants you to try out the AluBase—for free. Enter our contest below to win your own AluBase! Contest ends in one week on May 13 at 11:59PM PDT. Open to Canadian and USA mailing addresses only.

Good luck!

Update May 20, 2014: Congrats to our winner of the AluBase: Bill Hickey. We’ll be in touch.